Skip Beat 231 Spanish

Sorry guys about the last chapter, if you already haven't heard there has been issues regarding the scans from the magazine. So thanks to Hana-chan who translates and shares it with us online. I am very grateful to her. So regarding to the end when I put a question mark for next chapter is because I really don't know when it will be shared with us nor do I know if I will be able to put it up because of these issues but I will try my best. Anyways, so I think this is the finally chapter for Ground Call. I think there is more to the story than that as to why Saena treats Kyoko the way she does because frankly, if she does not blame Misonoi I don't see why she won't go so far to show hatred to her own child now that's some of what others might think. However, I believe it's because Kyoko reminds her of herself she takes her feeling out on Kyoko and hates stupidity BECAUSE of her OWN actions which led her boss to get fired. I think Saena hates herself. Not to mention, Kyoko is a constant reminder of the horrible mistake she made. Now on the other hand, I do blame Misonoi because frankly he did not need to take their relationship that far because he was a spy. That was dumb on his part. Plus, through the middle some of us believe and from the expression on his face he regrets his own actions as well and from the looks of it he fell in love with her. Lastly, I really want to say it's all thanks to Hana-chan that I get to share this with you all. So thank her, lol. XD

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