"Fragrance of Dark Coffee" (with vocals and lyrics // Ace Attorney)

Godot's orchestrated theme set to my original lyrics and sung by me. :)=========================DOWNLOAD AN MP3 OF THE SONG WITHOUT THE HARSH ECHO HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?4y4uji56aad...=========================I've always considered this song one of the most gorgeous musical pieces I've ever heard, so I wanted to try to write lyrics that reflected his story of pain and loss in an appropriate way. (I hope I succeeded!) I really do not do this beautiful song justice, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Sidenote: This was recorded with my old mic before I got a good one, so quality isn't as great as I'd like...but if the echo bothers you, just pretend it's being sung in an open-mic jazz club. ;)Gorgeous artwork by the talented Rem of www.blackmoontides.com. Please pay her art a visit!---[[LYRICS:]]The fragrance is dark, bitterI feel all the sadness of the worldIn my soul as I drink down the painI close my eyes and hear your voice out in the distanceI see your sweet face out in the rainSeems so realI just want to reach out and embrace youOnly if for a whileI flee to a memory Of your arms around meOf your smile, your beauty, your loveCling to me nowMurmur my name as we walk hand in hand andRelease this pain in meYour smile gave me strength, splendorYour voice filled my heart with warmth and joyWhen I met you, you lit up my worldYou changed my life, showed me the beauty living around meNever had I known what love meant until youBut you're goneAnd nothing's the same without your presenceThe color has drained awayHow I miss your innocenceHow I long for your tendernessHow I yearn for my world to returnOh if only I could go back and be there when you needed meMaybe you'd be here[piano break]The bitterness burnsOh how I yearnScalding... Haunting...Oh, can you feel it burn?Everything's so meaninglessAll the world's full of emptinessLife exists only there in my dreamsNow I stand hereWishing you'd somehow return to my armsBut the silence brings me backI must move ahead Even though you're goneEven though fate's thrown me into a world full of grey
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