Crafting Research and Traits for The Elder Scrolls Online

Crafting video time and we are covering a lot! Traits, researching skill lines basically a massive crafting guide for The Elder Scrolls Online. I didn't want to piece meal the content so I’m just making a long video with tons of information. I hope you enjoy!Website Guides• Blacksmithing –• Clothing - • Crafted Sets -• Crafting Writs - Used in this Video• AI Research Grind• Advance Filter• Master Merchant • Research Assistant ---Game: Elder Scrolls Online ESO TESO TESCharacter: Deltia | Veteran Rank 14 | Event: A lot of ESO Crafting talk and hypeChampion Points: 190ESO Patch 2.0.8__TwitchTV: http://deltiasgaming.comTwitter:
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