Chain Hang Low by Jibbs (Crizzly+AFK Remix) - Official Drum Remix Ft. COOP3RDRUMM3R

My Drum Lessons! is a remix by Crizzly & AFK of Jibb's 'Chain Hang Low'. This track will be made available for free download on MONDAY JULY 16 @Official Drum Cover/Remix Ft. COOP3RDRUMM3RI was approached by Crizzly's management to record a remix to go along with the release of this awesome new track! I had a blast jamming on it, and really enjoyed working with his music! Go check out the track and drop him a like! Like This Music? Check Out Crizzly, AFK & Warpath & like their pages! :D Crizzly Proudly Plays:Pearl Drums: http://www.pearldrum.comPearl Icon 3 Sided Rack and all Pearl HardwarePearl Demon Drive Eliminator 3001 Double PedalsPearl ELX Series Ruby Fade 7 Piece - 10 x 8" 12x10" 13x11" Rack Toms, 16x16" 18x16" Floor Toms, 22x18" Bass, 14x4.5" SnarePearl 13x3" Piccolo SnarePearl 13x4.5" Steel Shell Snare Pearl 10x4" M-80 Firecracker SnareZildjian Cymbals:http://www.zildjian.com16" & 18" A Custom Crashes (A Custom Projection Crashes in some Vids)8" & 10" A Custom Splashes20" A Custom Ride (20" K Custom Ride in some Vids)14" A Custom Hi-Hats (14" K Custom Session Hi-Hats in some vids) 12" Oriental Trash China16" Oriental Trash China8" & 10" ZXT Trashformer Splashes (Only in Some Videos, They Are The Bent Colorful Cymbals) Vic Firth Sticks:http://www.vicfirth.comVid Firth Buddy Rich SignaturesVic Firth 5A/5B (White) Remo Drumheads:http://www.remo.comToms - Clear Remo PinstripeSnare - Controlled Sound or Emperor X (Coated)COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Records Using: Presonus Audio: http://www.presonus.comFirestudio Tube - (16 Channel Firewire Recording Interface w/ Tube Preamps)Shure Microphones:http://www.shure.comRack Toms - PG56 x3Snare Drum - SM57Overheads - PG81 x216" Floor Tom - SM5718" Floor Tom - PG52Bass Drum - PG52**Some videos an AKG D112 is used on the kick as I only have 1 Shure PG52. Apple D.A.W. - Logic Pro Studio 9 in through Presonus FireStudio TubeGo Pro Cameras:http://www.gopro.com4 Go Pro Hero2 HD Cameras11 megapixels - 30fps - 1080p - 170 Degree field of viewCanon Cameras: t2i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080p Canon t3i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080pApple - Final Cut StudioThe brands and equipment above are absolutely the best in the industry. Whether you are a beginning drummer, or a veteran drummer, the companies above provide the best possible gear for your drumming, recording and video needs. I personally highly recommend the gear above, as well as the other equipment and gear produced by these companies. You won't find better sounding, looking, and better quality equipment anywhere else. I'm only satisfied with the best, and thats why I play the best :D COOP3RDRUMM3R does all of the video/audio recording, mixing, and editing for his current and past videos. From September 2011 - May 2012, Video was recorded and edited by Zach Sturino of Recollections Media. He was a huge part in making my videos look as good as they do and getting me and my videos to where they are today. He is an EXCELLENT videographer and Video/Photography specialist. I highly recommend him for any of your video/photo needs.Please check out Zach Sturino & his media company Recollections Media. http://www.recollectionsmedia.com
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