The Connected Universe

As part of the Health and Well-being series from a Spiritual Science perspective, this talk turns to salute the newly released ...


This is a film trailer for an upcoming documentary, that explains the new scientific theory in Nassim Haramein's physics paper ...

GTX 1060 | GTA V at 4K

-PC Specs below, and at the start of the video.-Settings in the video.1080p FPS with intel CPU (FPS with no bottleneck):

Cat In Heat Goes Crazy

This is a video I made of one of my pet cats that goes crazy when she is in heat for love. LOL At the end she falls of the table backwards after rol

uyku hapı etkileri İsteksizlikKadınlarda son yıllarda cinsel istek azalması (cinsel isteksizlik, cinsel soğukluk), cinsel tiks