i cant believe i was just trying out the cookie cutter effect at first but ended up putting too much efforts on it so The fanart i used in ...

How to reset TF2 to default

A simply tutorial on how to reset your tf2 configuration to default. Be sure to subscribe, I will be posting more tutorials and ...

The Best Settings For Playing TF2

If you want to bind a key to toggle viewmodels on and off, put this line in your autoexec. bind t "r_drawviewmodel 0 1" this sets the ...

Team Fortress 2: Drop Rates

(PLEASE EXPAND FOR MORE) A video to give you some general knowledge on the item drop system inside the TF2 game.

TF2: The Great Reset

Let's dial everything we've got back, and start over! Hello everyone! Tonight marks a new chapter for RTGame, as I'm revamping ...


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Торт медовик

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