Warframe - Vaykor Sydon

Steel meridian, 125k rep, mastery 8, etc etc. This syndicate melee is worth it though, its one of the more usefull with its ability to ...

Sydon - Warframe Gameplay

Le Sydon arrivé lors de la mise à jour 18.2 ! Enclenchez la HD + 48ips ! Site de la chaîne : https://vvhitewarframe.wordpress.com/ ...

Warframe Sydon

Grineer melee polearm --- http://twitter.com/mogamu --- http://twitch.tv/mogamu Warframe Playlist ...

Warframe - Sydon

I hate horses. This channel is not owned by Quiette Shy. If you want to contact Shy, please follow these links: Her Twitter: ...

Warframe: Vaykor Sydon

Potato T-Shirt Store: http://goo.gl/Bj3Ffu Dia dhuit,conas tá tú?(Hello, how are you?) As always guys thanks for watching!


We're not going down any time soon! This second round high-octane throwdown just illustrates why private games would be so special in Destiny. We need

School of Rock Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill

Me and a few friends gather all the drums in our school, retuned them, and produced this little clip. We got the original idea from the movie "School

Chuck 4x02 // Achilles Heel

Captain Awesome begins to freak out about the baby's future, which is so cute. Morgan and Chuck scenes. Sarah and Chuck scenes too. I do not own anyth