SKS Bump Fire Stock Idea

I came up with this idea for a bump fire stock for our SKS. Please give me tips on how to improve it.

Homemade Bump Fire Stock

Homemade bump fire stock See the final build!! See it in action!: Took ...

Bump Fire SKS Yugo

First time shooting my Yugo SKS out in the hills. Gun is stock, live in California, cant do much to it.

Bump Fire Stock for SKS

Bump Fire Stock for SKS presented by Bump Fire Systems. Designed and Made in USA. Great ...

sks full auto bump fire

Made a few mods to my sks. Used a tapco stock with tapco magazine. Just a cheap and easy bump fire stock for the sks platform.

How to bump fire an SKS

I was recently asked to film a tutorial on bump firing a SKS. Here it is. I used a 40 round Pro mag for it. I really expected it to jam but ...

SKS homemade slidefire stock

I made this from a collapsible tapco stock. I got this Idea from youtube user mattv2099. I need to make a few adjustments and ...

Bump Fire Take 2! 75 Drum mag dump

Hey so my first time with my bumpski stock was not the best but I lubed it up and well you take a watch......... If you have any advice, ...


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