How to bump fire an SKS

I was recently asked to film a tutorial on bump firing a SKS. Here it is. I used a 40 round Pro mag for it. I really expected it to jam but ...


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Bump Fire SKS Yugo

First time shooting my Yugo SKS out in the hills. Gun is stock, live in California, cant do much to it.

SKS homemade slidefire stock

I made this from a collapsible tapco stock. I got this Idea from youtube user mattv2099. I need to make a few adjustments and ...

Bump Fire Take 2! 75 Drum mag dump

Hey so my first time with my bumpski stock was not the best but I lubed it up and well you take a watch......... If you have any advice, ...

SKS Bump Fire Stock Idea

I came up with this idea for a bump fire stock for our SKS. Please give me tips on how to improve it.

sks full auto bump fire

Made a few mods to my sks. Used a tapco stock with tapco magazine. Just a cheap and easy bump fire stock for the sks platform.

Homemade Bump Fire Stock

Homemade bump fire stock See the final build!! See it in action!: Took ...

Bump Fire Stock for SKS

Bump Fire Stock for SKS presented by Bump Fire Systems. Designed and Made in USA. Great ...

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How to Make Personal Coin Saving Game

Hello everyone! This video shows you how to make a personal coin saving game from cardboard. It's really simple and easy that you can make this coin g