Best of serenity now

This is from Seinfeld. I don't own the rights to this, I just want to share my favorite moments from this great show.

The Best of Frank Costanza

The ultimate collection of Frank Costanza's greatest played by Jerry Stiller, from the classic TV show Seinfeld.

"Serenity Now!"

Number 3 on my Countdown on the best of Frank Costanza! See the rest of the list here: "The ...

Seinfeld: Serenity NOW!

From the Seinfeld episode "The Serenity Now." Writer: Steve Koren, Director: Andy Ackerman +++.


We do not own any copyright to the Seinfeld name or footage used during this clip. That remains with the respected parties.

Lloyd Braun

If you have ever been telemarketer, this is how you feel after 20 minutes.


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Triste Canción- El Tri

ella existio solo en un sueño. el esun poema que el poeta nunca escribio.en la eternidad los dos unieron sus almas para darle vida a esta triste canc

Herman da Worm

Herman is looking to find safety in a tree but he just cant fit.