UBCO Saucer King

The boys put Gongshow Saucer King to the test on UBC's Okanagan campus. Attempting to sauce a puck through the openings in ...

Sauce For Days: "Saucer King"

Inspired by the Beauts over at GongShow Hockey, a little game called "Saucer King" Music: Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey- Diddy ...

Sick Saucer King through a Car

Ozzie chucks filthy sauce through his car and lands it perfectly on the opposing board, into the bin. Hammered off his ass.

Official Saucer King Game

1 Ranked Hockey Game for Tailgating, trick shots and fun at the beach. Bring your sauce game to a whole new level with the ...

Full Attic Make Over - Atticare

- Attic cleanup, Insulation was removed and replaced, We used heavy duty Vacuum machine to thoroughly remove all peaces of wood, mice dropping and the