[song] /pol/ was right again

Reupload from deleted account, all credit to Morrakiu/Tyrant Fashister http://radio.therightstuff.biz/ Lyrics: Step one, he says, "We ...

/pol/ was right again

Re-uploaded, Jews took the original down and broke my nazi knife credit to the original creator.

/pol/ was right again

my tribute to the shittiest place ever, because this song was good, and if you don't like the fact i covered it suck my dick normie.

The Year Where 4Chan Won

2016 has been a crazy ride, where fiction became reality. reddit vs 4chan meme war will never be forgotten,the ted cruz shills ...

Candy Crush Saga Level 126

. This is an unofficial Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough.Candy Crush saga Game location at Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/candycrush/Useful Candy Cru