Palmetto State Armory Is Junk

Rob Ski over at the AK Operator's Union, put a really basic PSA rifle through it's paces. Though it had a few hick-ups at the ...

Carry Handle sight in

Sighting in the carry handle sight on my M&P 15. I bought the PSA mil-spec carry handle to replace the MBUS that came with the ...

Reliable AR-15 On A Budget

Thanks for Watching guys, I really enjoy doing this and hope I help someone make a good buy! The parts are listed below, some I ...

Colt M4 Carry Handle

Carry handle for M4 style rifles and how to install and get your mechanical zero. M16A2 zeroing target link: ...

$500 AR-15 is it a Piece of Junk?

My brief range review and initial thoughts on the PSA 16" Stainless Mid-length 5.56 NATO 1:7 Freedom Rifle Kit - 43526. I tried to ...

Palmetto State Armory AR-15

My new "baby", my Palmetto State Armory AR-15 with internals (and a carry handle) from Bravo Company Manufacturing!

Carry Handles: Why I Like Them

The humble AR-15 / M16 carry handle is often looked down upon by competition and target shooters, but for applications beyond ...

Airsoft gameplay CPX 8/30/14 (ST04)

Trying something a little different out. I went to CPX for an open play and I brought along my camera so this is the result. If you want to see more s

Charmed 4x01 - Prue's Funeral

Prue's funeral from the first epidose of the 4th season of Charmed. Episode is called "Charmed Again"(part 1). During Prue's funeral demons attack Col

Tones On Tail - Go

Special video edit made by Peter Michael Schmidt for Berlin Nightclub in Chicago, IL (June 23rd, 1986)