My LOTRO UI, Skins and Plugins

Many of you have asked me what Lotro plugins and skins I use in game. Here's a quick video explaining what they are and below ...

Lotro Graphics From Low to High

This is a video of the graphics settings in Lotro from Very low to Super High. Fraps made it lagging a bit in the end on Super high, ...

turgutlu vagon yangını 29112016

VAGON YANGINI KORKUTTUMANİSA’nın Turgutlu İlçesi’nde tren garında park halindeki vagonda çıkan yangın korkuttu. 2 itfaiye aracının müda

Coming Out Videos (Onision Rant 2)

Videos of people coming out... what are they all about? What do you think of these coming out videos?ONISION MAIL: