QC#61 - Laser Guided Blowgun

Laser assisted blow darts that are homemade, but shoot with surprising power and accuracy. Some quick links to a few of the ...

QC#62 - Glass Smashers

Paper blow-darts are fitted with a 1/2" sheet metal screw, making them powerful enough to break glass. Some quick links to a few ...

Blowgun bird hunting field-to-fork

Disclamer* It is illegal to kill robins in the USA, and I did get into some trouble with the DNR. The video is still up for educational ...

Roblox Legendary Football Compliation

What's up AGNation its yo boi Animation Gaming here with another Roblox video. This video was extremely hard to edit and I hope you guys can take 5 se

This is why Sia hides her face

New Delhi, April 21 (ANI): Australian singer Sia has revealed the reason why she hides her face saying that she shuns the spotlight and chooses to wea