Love & Breakfast

With our phone addictions, and hectic schedules, communication is truly, a dying art. It is so important to make time to be present ...

Jealous Part 2

Choreography - KC Monnie and Ambrose Respicio III Performed by Cristian Farias Song - "Jealous" by Nick Jonas @EDGE_PAC.

The Dance

KC MONNIE CHOREOGRAPHY SONG - "The Dance" by Charolette Martin.

Bitch I'm Madonna

CHOREOGRAPHY - KC Monnie & Ambrose Respicio III DANCERS - Morgan Larson, Cristian Farias, Taeok Lee, Casey ...

Like I'm Gonna lose you

Choreographed by KC Monnie and Ambrose Respicio III I had the pleasure of creating this duet on two of my good friends, Kayla ...

Kahve Falında Temiz Kalp Görmek

Kahve falında temiz kalp görmek ne anlama gelir ? Falda temiz kalp görmek anlamı, nedir, ne demek, çıkması, neye işaret eder ?Videonun devamı

Bintan Resorts Ferry

Singapore to Bintan Island - Emerald Class on Bintan Resorts Ferry - full journey - Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, huge ocean going ships at sea, airplan

Tavern Brawl: The Dark Wanderer

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