Kasima's Homebirth *graphic*

This is the tail-end of the birth of my 5th child. It shows everything, including my midwife helping with some sticky shoulders when I ...

Nasty Baby!

Video of me during labor. The moment was so surreal that it came as second nature. And then the baby pooped!


Check out this home birth kit on Amazon http://amzn.to/1nNmEfz NATURAL HOME BIRTH VLOG (CLEAN) Thanks to our ...

Şimdi Ne Yapmalı ? 11 Nisan 2016

Şimdi Ne Yapmalı'nın 11.04.2016 tarihinde yayınlanan 136.Bölümü... Günlük hayatta “Şimdi Ne Yapmalı?” sorusuyla karşılaştığınız