R.I.P Giantdad | 2012 - 2016

Since the Mask of the Father isn't in Dark Souls 3 (damn those spoilers) i've decided to do this ''parodic'' tribute video (satire ...

Dark Souls 3: Giantdad PvP

He's back, back again. Music used: Throw Down (Explicit) by Black Object Music used with permission from Position Music and ...


This made my day. Credits to OnlyAfro THE LEGENDS WILL NEVER DIE GiantDad, also known as The Legend, is a custom-built ...

Allahım Ya Rabbim Gol

Selçuk'un golü Taraftar kamerasında: Allah'ım yarabbim golSelçuk'un golü Taraftar kamerasında: Allah'ım yarabbim gol Selçuk İnan'ın golü T

[CS:Source|Skins]May 2016 !!

-------------------READ THE DESCRIPTION BELLOW PLEASE ! --------------Hello guys ^ ^ ! im back with Skin pack :3 and some kewl skins dat might be int