One Hitting Ender Dragons!

Casually one shotting Ender dragons while farming Draconic evaluation hearts! The bow: Signalium cross bow, Flame string, ...

Pistol Crossbow bolt test

Baz did a great video the other day where he talked about how pistol crossbows aren't very useful. I thought I'd try testing various ...

Episode 25, Bolts and Crossbows

FTB Infinity 1.7 (v1.9.0) Minecraft Version 1.7.10 This is a video about Tinkers' Construct Crossbows and their Bolts We see: How ...

Patatesli Pizza Omlet Tarifi

Patatesi taban eyledik, pizza lezzetinde omleti bal eyledik. Hafta sonu kahvaltısı için daha ne olsun?1-2 adet taze patates 1YK kaşar peyniri1 yum

Voodoo Vs. Hoodoo

Ecplore the fundamental difference between Voodoo and Hoodoo with Voodoo priestess and author Lilith Dorsey. If you agree or disagree, I'd love to hea

sNooPyO_O vs Variede (Which is TOP)

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