POV Gym Training at Free Flow

POV parkour and freerunning practice at Free Flow Academy, filmed with the iVue Crossfire glasses (and a phone for one shot).

Free Flow Academy - Parkour Gym

Everyone begins life the same way....with almost infinite potential. Everyone has potential....but not everyone pursues it. You have ...

Fun at FreeFlow Academy

Hopefully the end makes up for the lack of a sound track. Two weeks into opening up the FreeFlow Gym this is just a few things ...

The World Spins

The founders of Free Flow Academy are pleased to present our view of the world and what we choose to make of it.

Freeflow Academy Showcase 2014

Thank you to everyone who was part of this! We couldn't have done it without our performers or parents who helped out. We are ...

Free Flow Academy

This video shows in summary what we offer at Free Flow Hybrid Arts Academy in Rocklin, CA.