Selena Gomez//Crazy Youngsters

New Selly video!! I'm obsessed with this song and I thought it would be fun to make a Selena edit:) I think it turned out cute! Enjoy!

Crazy Youngsters

Soloists: Diana Barlaam, Carla Macias, Elizabeth Prezioso Arrangers: Liz Priore, Sophia Stone Percussion: Sruti Tekumalla ...

Trolleybüs 10 Nisan 2013

- Geyik Çiftliği neydi?Geyik Çiftliği; tam bağımsız ve full + full rahatsız bi’ muhabbet platformuydu. Sansürsüzdü, sınırsızdı. Ama k

President Obama in Australia

After almost three years in office and two cancelled trips, US President Barack Obama has finally arrived in Australia.