Princess Jasmine Makeup Look

2004-2009 I portrayed Princess Jasmine in Disneyworld, Florida. Here's the makeup application I used to do on a regular basis!

Character Performer Auditions

What are auditions like for character performers at Disney Parks and Resorts? Our casting directors and performers discuss the ...

Last Day as Disney Princess

Hey everyone! This video is about my last day having worked at Disneyworld performing in Disney Entertainment as Princess ...

Mock Disney Princess Audition

This video is primarily for Jennifer Oakes and Rachel Hankle. It is my "mock audition" for their Confessions of a Retired Disney ...

Dos Companeros Junior

Dos Companeros Junior our Facebook Page: Visayas KonsyertoA CONCERT FOR A CAUSE(For Boh

You And Me Lyrics - Lifehouse

This is the song 'You and Me' by Lifehouse. =]I love this song ♥Sorry the timing may be off in parts ... my wmm was very messed up.