Castle Clash - HBM T KIll

We Got the Kill on HBM T-5 and we are on the leader boards now. Sorry about the S word was a tad bit excited and let my ...

Castle Clash HBM T strategy

Is it possible to farm HBM T ( without sweeping it )with no hero losses. Yes it is. Watch and learn young padawans!

Castle Clash HBM T F2P

This is one of my f2p account, the town hall lvl 19 and the max level of hero base were level 13. This is basically lucky spawn at ...

FabFitFun Fall Box Unboxing 2017

#fabfitfunpartnerUse code BRITTANI for $10 off your first box!!www.fabfitfun.comI hope you all enjoyed this video on my FabFitFun Unboxing! This box w