Big Dick Birth Defect

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reign || birth

reign || birth I finally finished watching season 1. And season 2 just started of course, and it's awesome. I really do love this show.

Vines to re-birth vine

Lol these types of videos are dead but ANYWAY I don't obviously own any of these, just upload them for fun, enjoy :) Instagram: ...

The Top 25 Lady Gaga Songs Ever

my bestest bestesttttttt best friend becky (bend-it-like-becky) allen made this for me, jess "bend-it-like-boutilier" boutilier....... :) i wuv youuuu

Nightcore - No Money

Hiiiii!Baby I have no money..... LITERALLYThis nightcore love.Hope you like and share it with your friends!----------------------------------