BFDI 11: Lofty

Ooh, an aerial contest. Involving balloons and darts! And yet another gripping elimination ceremony! Logo font is Shag Lounge by ...

BFDI 15: Vomitaco

Ew. That doesn't sound very appetizing. But who needs palatability when you have Dream Island, the ultimate motivator?

BFDI 19: Rescission

Next episode (Ep. 20): Guys, you can only vote once! When we said, "Every ...

BFDI 17: The Reveal

Next episode (Ep. 18): So, how disappointed were you when you didn't see ...

BFDI 20: Gardening Hero

No need to revote. We've graciously counted all of your previous votes on the old version. But we still apologize and will make ...

BFDI 10: Crybaby!

Next episode (Ep. 11): Boo hoo, it's a crying contest! And two other contests!

BFDI 18: Reveal Novum

OMG, a recommended character comes into the game, and it's not one you wanted! Ha, ha, ha! Staring's involved, too!

BFDI 21: The Glistening

Next Episode (Ep. 22): You'd better get used to these random episode titles!

BFDI 23: Hurtful!

Next episode (Ep. 24): In all of its glory! Music by Kevin MacLeod ...

is this sexy?

Honest question, does my bag strap make my tittyregion look sexy? This was our last day in Paris but now we're on our way to the beautiful (cold) land