Fame - Irene Cara

One of the best songs of the 80's. From the album Number one's of the eightes it's Fame by Irene Cara ...

Irene Cara - Fame (HD)

The greatest 80's classic all-time. From 1980. Lyrics:Baby, look at me and tell me what do you see? You ain't seen the best of me ...


ΕΠΕΙΣΟΔΙΟ 1 "METAMORPHOSIS" Απόδοση διαλόγων: takisdk.

Fame - Remember My Name

A tribute to the TV series. I only ever got to see the first two seasons but I loved it. I think I managed to get all the main cast in.

Mydoeza's Private Pack (Link Below)

people have been asking me to link the pack i've been using in my videos because they've had troubles finding the video i found it from. please make s